Triangle Cooperative Service Company and the Oklahoma Agricultural Cooperative Council have worked together to create the Agribusiness Leadership Academy (ALA). The ALA is a program that will educate and train emerging leaders in the different departments of agribusiness management. Investing into your employee’s future and helping them become better business leaders will not only help your business, but the entire agribusiness system and ultimately, the producer. We hear often today that talent is lacking in our world and this program will help create the talent that is much needed for the future and sustain our success and growth.

The academy will consist of four, two-day sessions ending with a practical exercise and one, one-day session where the attendees will present their projects and graduate from the academy. Each participating agribusiness will need to possess the willingness to develop their employees and understand the time commitment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Jim Warner at [email protected] or 580.884.0970.

“Every man owes some {or part} of his time to the up building of the profession to which he belongs. Alternately, every man owes a sacred obligation to the profession which gives him his livelihood.”

–Attributed to Theodore Roosevelt

Acceptance for Admittance
  • Application
  • Letter of Recommendation from Sponsoring Agribusiness
  • Essay on Reasoning for Participating from Candidate
  • Current Resume
  • In Person Interview

*Applications are due by Friday, October 6, 2017. Please submit them by mail or to [email protected]