Advocacy Tools

How You Can be an Advocate for Agricultural Cooperatives

Protecting our interests at both the state capitol and in Washington is a challenging process that requires active participation by our members. You can help us advocate for agricultural cooperatives by following the tips below.

Send a Letter to Your Legislator

Your legislators want and need to hear from you on important issues. As a constituent, you can play a key role in helping your elected officials understand how legislation and policy affect the ability of agricultural cooperatives to do business. An effective letter is brief and to the point withjust enough facts and figures to support your position. Tell you personal story and explain why the bill affects you. Always be courteous, even if you disagree with your lawmaker’s position.

Visit Your Legislator in Person

The most effective way to articulate your views and positively affect the outcome of legislation and of policy debates is to speak with your elected officials in person. Contact your lawmaker’s office to schedule an appointment. During the meeting, be sure to discuss how the legislation will directly affect you and your business. Personal stories make an impact and truly achieve results. Always be polite, and follow up your visit with a personal letter thanking the lawmaker for their time. Also, be sure to offer your expertise or assistance on the issue in the future.

Place a Phone Call

If you need to get in touch with your legislator quickly and don’t have time to send a letter, you can always make a phone call. Your call will likely be brief and chances are you won’t speak directly to the lawmaker, but your call is important, carries weight and can achieve results. Be sure to identify yourself as a constituent, be brief and specific about the action you would like the lawmaker to take on the issue and ask what their current position is. Again, always be Courteous and ask for a response.

Use the links below to find contact information for your elected officials:
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